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Thursday, 10 September 2009

8 years, no justice.



And so it falls upon us once more, for the 8th time we shall look back upon the anniversary of America’s biggest terrorist attack and remember the souls who were caught up in the tragedy, the fire fighters, paramedics and police officers who tried so hard to save lives and lost theirs in the line of duty, the passengers of the planes involved and of course all of their friends and families who have to endure the loss of those people every day – instead of our feeble attempts to try and comprehend once a year. In the media and in the view of the general public, 9/11 is a memory, the past. However, it is almost every day that we hear on the news of new British soldier deaths in Afghanistan, and we should never forget that our troops are there because we were taken there by the events of 9/11. But whatever happened to looking for Bin Laden? Or even looking for Al Qaeda for that matter? Now it’s all about stopping the Taliban and securing the country in order to stop terrorism at home. But what if we were lead into that country, that war (and subsequently Iraq) based on a lie? Some of the 9/11 truth movement have put forward theories I don’t agree with, I’ve discussed that issue in the past before, but I remain a truther. I still believe that there are secrets behind the events of that day and we’re being kept in the dark for the sake of an ex-presidency’s lust for oil, overseas military expansion and other interests. If this is the case, it means that those people who died on that day, who we remember but once a year, died for a lie. And it is that lie which we must face every day.

Pop quiz!

Did you know that the 9/11 commission – which detailed the official events of the terrorist attacks – was given just $15 Million to research and come up with their findings. It was monitored by the White House and had a close friend of Bush overseeing the commission – independency of the report is therefore nullified. It was also capped on time to publish the report.

Did you know that the federal investigation into Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinski was given $60 Million? That’s 4 times the amount of government funding to investigate an office blowjob than to find the source of the terrorism attacks!

Did you know that there are photographs, such as the one below, showing survivors of the initial plane strikes on the WTC standing in the impact holes?


If the fire within was so hot that it softened steel then how could she have survived in this area?

Did you know that WTC tower 7 fell at symmetrical free fall speed at 5pm (local time) on 9/11 – the building was not hit by a plane and took minimal damage from the falling towers compared to the gutted buildings of WTC 5 and 6 which stood standing throughout the cleanup operation and had to be forcefully demolished?

Did you know that during the investigation of the 9/11 commission, Bush and Chaney refused to give testify their accounts of the day in public. Instead, they appeared together, behind closed doors, no press were allowed inside, they were not under oath and any notes taken by the commission had to be checked by White House staff before being allowed to leave? Sound suspicious?

More and more questions remain unanswered. More and more lies become obvious.

Until we know the full truth, those brave people at ground zero, the pentagon and Pennsylvania died in vain. As did a million Iraqis, over 200 British troops and 800 American troops. They fight for us, and I am eternally grateful for their sacrifice, but what if they are fighting for a cover up? For the advances of a continuing lie?

Ask questions, demand answers.



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