Saturday, 4 July 2009

Sun and Rain

Gosh it’s been hot recently, have been barely surviving at times! Oh well, today and yesterday has seen a lot of rain, so that’s a strangely refreshing respite from the burning sun!


Earlier this week I was watching a movie called ‘The Obama Deception’ by Alex Jones who runs and was quite compelled. I’ve always been a fan of Obama but some of the stuff raised in the film is interesting, if it’s true. And here lies the problem – Alex is a great speaker and very well informed, a little stupid at times (some of the things he says on the spot seem a little misguided) but he is still very dead-on with what he believes. However, if you take notice to his earlier career he has been shouting things at politicians since the early 90’s (if not earlier) and it raises a question – is he a bit nuts? I mean, I agree with some of the stuff raised by him (and others) regarding 9/11 and the general war on ‘terror’, but he appears to lash out any person with power above him and thinks they’re all in on something. And the other thing I have to question, while being a part of this ‘truth movement’ is where we are going, I mean…let’s say it was completely uncovered that someone in the Bush Government had knowledge of 9/11 and it was publicised and sorted – what does that do for us? Okay someone goes to jail. Then what? We show the world that America (and by association the UK probably) is compromised by scandals and internal problems…where does that lead us?! Showing we’re completely fucked and leaving us to attacks (politically I mean) by anyone outside our countries. The other thing, if there is a subliminal cushion of lies and secrets keeping us in line, what would we do without it? Perhaps lies are what we NEED – whether dirty or not, it would suggest that the key infrastructure of the Western World is probably based on this form of secret keeping (no matter how small or big they are) and that if they’re taken away then we probably wouldn’t know how to function. I don’t know if that’s the case, but the world is a little too complicated to make it as simple as “arrest Chaney” or “stop lying to the public” – and so there is my dilemma; as much as I support the ‘9/11 was an inside job’ theory, I just don’t know what the in-the-end aims are of this cause. Maybe I’m losing a bit of faith. I just don’t know anymore.

Tomorrow sees the first day of the 'last week’ in this house. Sure, I’ll be here for 8 days, but Sunday won’t be a full day, so my final full week begins at midnight tonight. So for this reason, I’ll be blogging every day AND video blogging too, so stay tuned here and also on my YouTube channel.

Here is today’s song peeps!

Reno x

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