Wednesday, 14 April 2010

General life update – April 14th

Wow, so there’s a few things I want to update you guys with; and most of them are moans – apologies in advance. I’m currently at my Mum’s house, taking a break from the bullshit that is Stoke-on-Trent and it has to be said that once again, I’m disgusted by the quality of the travel conditions I put up with on the way to Kettering was ridiculous. Sitting on the floor in the food carriage wasn’t what I had imagined when paying £35 for my ticket. I can understand trains being busy, but this isn’t the first time it’s happened – which frustrates me – but what really takes the biscuit is the fact the train had 4 normal carriages and 3 first class carriages. As the train pulled in to Derby I watched the first 3 carriages pass me and saw that almost all the seats were empty. Now I can appreciate that some people want to pay £70 for the sake of a slightly bigger chair and a free cup of tea, but there are a lot more of us who want to sit in regular class and therefore East Midlands trains should get their carriage priorities right, thanks.

So moving on to a more positive note – I’m voting Lib Dem. After debating my choices and having had support for the Tories due to the endless watching of Prime Minister’s Questions for the last 5 or 6 years, I’ve suddenly had a turn for the underdogs. I could sit here and try to justify what I know about politics and what in particular I prefer about the Lib Dems, but there’s no need for me to be self righteous – I wouldn’t want to sway your opinion, it’s your choice who to vote for, but do your research, choose the party who represents you best. I’ve found over the last few weeks that the Tories and Labour just get  buried in their own squabbles and attempting to look more aggressive at each other without facing real issues.

I will say this though, if your vote is more about numbers than policy; a lot of people think that a vote for Lib Dem is a wasted vote, as there’s no chance they’ll get into power. It reminds me a lot of the old Revolver days during uni, where nobody wanted to go because “no-one goes” – this is an automatic defeatist cycle, which is stupid. A lot of people have faith in their own beliefs, well have faith in turning the tide. Remember that RATM campaign I was sooo fond of? Well the mac-daddy of that campaign Jon Morter has launched this…

Pretty cool huh? Click the picture and sign up for the awesome cause!! :D

There’s one last thing I want to moan about – when people have a completely lack of regard for knowledge and manners, on top of spelling ability and grammar. When I saw the comment below on the Lib Dem Facebook group I was literally outraged.


You may not like the fact that Prime Ministers Questions is broadcast on TV (oh no, 30 mins of BBC 2 broadcasting lost once a week!) but having a total disregard for the importance of politics or even being able to spell and construct cognitive sentences makes this person an utter moron. People who use the word ‘yous’ automatically get written off as morons in my mind, but within the context I found it, I had to make special recognition of it.

Done for today, thanks for reading!! Don’t forget to press the BECOME A FAN button over there >>>

Reno :)

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