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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Doctor Who – Scavenger Hunt

Part 4 – The Meadow

In a peaceful meadow, nestled within a huge forest somewhere in Britain, numerous creatures that man has not seen in generations went about their lives; eating, sleeping, grazing and hunting. Then, as if from nowhere, the humming and churning of an ancient craft’s engines faded into the area. The swirls and groans of the TARDIS echoed out through the woods and the wildlife ran for cover into their respective holes and hideouts. The impossible choice had been made.


With the softened squeek of the TARDIS’ old door, The Doctor stepped out into the bright sunlight of prehistoric world they had tracked the other TARDIS back to; Martha followed swiftly after.

“Here we are then!” the Doctor said in his ever chirpy tone

“And where is here?” Marhta asked

“Weeeell, the TARDIS tracked us back about 12,000 years or so… give or take a decade or two”

“But why now? There wasn’t even any real civilisation in the Upper Palaeolithic era, let alone the need for alien technology!”

The Time Lord turned to his companion and examined her with an obscure expression, as if staring long enough would somehow explain why she knew so much about the previous time periods of man instead of simply asking. But this was a familiar trait with the Doctor, so she answered the non existent question for him

“A level history, I wrote an essay on the evolution of man, don’t ask”

“I wasn’t going to” the Doctor said with a slight laugh

“So why would the…other TARDIS be here?”

The Doctor looked up into the silent skies as if he could hear something she couldn’t, it turned out this was actually true, as he uttered in a slightly worried voice “I think we’re about to find out”

The roaring sounds of an alien object began to blast its way over the skies as it entered the atmosphere and burnt across the affluent blue. From within the mighty ocean of heavens came a large black object, growing nearer and nearer with an increasing volume that cracked like thunder and boomed like a torpedo. Then it crashed into the meadow in a ball of flames in a mighty crater of dirt and mud covered rocks. The two travelers came running over to the pit, inside which was the fallen object; a large elongated cylinder about the size of a car. Though covered in dirt and scratches, the natural reflective silver skin of the object was still very abundant. At the end of the cylinder was a long spike white protruded from the centre of it and outwards beyond the length of the outer shell.

“That looks like a jet engine” Martha admired

“It’s a shock core, part of a very large engine from a delta cruiser, these things fly off all the time; it’s like shedding a rotor blade on a boat.”

Martha insisted cautiously “If it’s something so trivial then why do you sound so concerned?”

“Torchwood never found a shock core, in fact I’ve never heard of any delta cruiser technology ever found on Earth, they hardly ever come to this side of the galaxy” the Doctor pondered as he began to look into the sky “unless someone else found it first…” and as if from nowhere an enormous ship floated over the meadow. From the ground, the shadow made it virtually impossible to comprehend the full size of the ship but he knew one thing for sure “scavengers!”

A bellowing horn pelted out a low blast of sound as a round hatch opened on the underbelly of the ship, from within this shone a large purple light which lurched towards the surface. The light encapsulated the shock core and began to raise it into the air. The Doctor grabbed Martha’a hand and jumped on top of the engine part with her, they gained speed as the silver bullet hurtled up into the bowls of the ship, then there was nothing; just black.


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