Thursday, 17 July 2008

The greatest cheat that never was...

So my love for Guitar Hero was reborn last week thanks to the greatest cheat that isn't really a cheat. The "cheat" is called HYPERSPEED!

The reason why it is not a cheat: The challenge of guitar hero is that the further you get through the difficulty levels in the game, the faster the note board moves and thus the quicker your reactions have to be. So, by the time you get to Expert mode, the notes are going really fast as well as the having a rediculous amount of notes on the board at the same time. So, when you activate Hyperspeed, you can increase the note board speed by another 5 levels (which you can choose from 1 to 5 in the cheat menu) - thus in theory, by speeding up the notes further, this effect should make the game much more challenging - not easier, which is generally what a cheat is designed to do.

HOWEVER! Once you've mastered pretty much all the songs on expert, you're pretty familar the the way to play the tunes, and it becomes a matter of timing that challenges the player to reach his/her best score. In my personal opinion, the biggest thing that gets in the way of hitting the notes in the right timing is the amount of notes that are on the screen in one go (as I always play in expert mode) because you're trying to focus on the notes that are coming down as well as all the other rubbish at the exact correct time. So, the best way to look at hyperspeed is to see it as ZOOMING IN! Because you still have to play the notes at the exact same time as normal speed, but it means you can focus more on the notes in hand and (although you lose the ability to know what is coming next) it makes it so much easier tho play; and this is where it is effective as a cheat.

Thanks to hyperspeed I've completely mastered hammering notes and I'm able to play songs that I could never pass (such as Number of the Beast and Cliffs of Dover) and tracks that I had troubles getting through sometimes (like Cult of Personality) without failing once! It's brilliant.

Its great because it doesnt make the game effortless - you still need to have the skill to play the game at the selected difficulty, but it means you can use that skill at a more effective rate :)

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